Expanded History – Metropolitan Montessori Schools

ccchtxThe City of Houston experienced unprecedented population growth throughout the 1970’s and early 80’s.  During that period, Houston grew faster than any major metropolitan area in America.  That growth was fueled by professionals flocking to Houston in search of high paying jobs with affordable housing and a quality lifestyle.

Many who came to Houston were young dual career professionals who wanted to start families.  They sought quality childcare for their children in a loving and secure environment that also offered early childhood education.  However, few childcare options existed and even fewer offered early childhood education.  Those which did exist were not conveniently located to workplaces.

Metropolitan Montessori Schools was founded to serve the needs of working professionals in the downtown Houston area.  In 1986, Metropolitan Montessori Schools opened Houston’s first Montessori based early childhood education program in downtown Houston on the campus of Christ Church Cathedral.  Known as Cathedral House Montessori School, the school offered children ages six weeks through five years of age a quality Montessori based education program close to their parents’ work locations.

The school was an immediate success and, in 2003, Metropolitan Montessori Schools partnered with Christ Church Cathedral to expand school operations as Cathedral House Episcopal School.  In 2008, Metropolitan Montessori Schools opened a second school on the campus of Rice University to serve the faculty members and staff of Rice University.  Both schools are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

rcchtxSince its inception 30 years ago, Metropolitan Montessori Schools has become Houston’s premier early childhood education provider.  We offer an exceptional educational curriculum with a wide variety of developmentally appropriate enrichment activities.  Our faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting families through cooperation and respect and offer parents a multitude of ways to be involved in the education of their children.

The body of knowledge regarding infant learning and development has increased exponentially throughout the years.  Much of what we understand about infant learning and development now has a scientific basis.  There is an expanding body of evidence that the single most critical factor influencing a child’s future is that child’s experience during the first few months and years.  As a major sponsor of the Center in Houston for Infant Learning and Development (“CHILD”), Metropolitan Montessori Schools also collaborates with qualified and experienced early childhood educators to share that knowledge through sponsorship of seminars and conferences for early childhood education professionals in the Houston community.