About Us

For more than thirty years, Metropolitan Montessori Schools, Inc. (MMS) has successfully nurtured, developed and educated Houston’s young children. A leader in infant care and education, we understand the importance of providing extraordinary early learning opportunities that prepare children for success in school and life.

Operating under the premise that parents and families are a child’s first teachers, MMS believes in a seamless integration of care in which the provider joins the family’s system of care. Our proven family-centered approach recognizes the important role that families bring to the dynamic of early childhood education.

We believe that every child has the desire and capacity to learn to his/her fullest potential and we ignite a passion for lifelong learning through our early childhood programs and services.

MMS’s mission includes:

The MMS team includes early childhood education experts in the community, state and nation. Additionally, our organization provides representation on a variety of board and committees related to early childhood education and advocacy efforts for children and families.

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