Our Commitment to Diversity

At Metropolitan Montessori Schools, we believe that everyone in the MMS family – children, families and staff – has something critical to offer the children and families we serve. At MMS we believe that diversity and inclusion is not a place, but rather an attitude. This attitude should reflect acceptance and tolerance and is taught to every teacher and every student.

In our hiring practices, MMS is committed to equal employment opportunity in every aspect of our employment relationship including hiring, work assignment, promotion, transfer, termination, wage and salary administration, and selection for training.

In addition to providing equal employment opportunity, we also make special effort to:

  • develop and support educational programs and recruiting sources and practices that facilitate employment of minorities and women
  • develop and offer work arrangements that help to meet the needs of the diverse work force in balancing work and family obligations; and
  • establish company training and developmental efforts, practices, and programs that support diversity in the workforce and enhance the representation of minorities and women

Our faculty composition is currently comprised of approximately 19% African descent, 11% European descent, 3% Asian descent, 46% Latin descent, and 22% mixed descent.

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